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Watch using a Web browser

This is just a quick overview on how to use your chosen Web Browser and watch GoTelly channels from your laptop or mobile device and connect to your laptop to your TV.

Watch Live TV and On-Demand movies on your PC, Smart phone or Tablet computer!

How to receive GoTelly.com

GoTelly provides you with an economical and cost effective way to view live TV on your television, by using suitable cables to connect your laptop or PC, or by watching online direct using a smart phone or tablet. This is a fantastic and simple option to view GoTelly.com however, only the advanced features of our Set-Top Box allows the use of some of Gotelly.com's extra features that are not available using the online method. The speed and age of your laptop computer can also adversely affect the overall picture quality, and we also recommend to close all other programs on your laptop before viewing, to improve performance. You will not be dissapointed with online viewing of GoTelly but for the ultimate HQ quality viewing experience, we recommend purchasing one of our Set-Top boxes. 

Watch on your Laptop or Mobile Device

 •Connect your laptop or mobile device to your router/modem via Ethernet cable or WiFi (cable recommended for more stable connection).

•Open you chosen Web Browser.

•Connect to NTV page.

•Sign in to your GoTelly account (using your GoTelly log in and password) .

•Choose your channel and watch.

Choose Your Browser.


Watch Connecting your  Laptop to your TV

•Connect your Ethernet cable to your modem/router.

•Connect your Ethernet cable to your laptop (can be also connected via WiFi but cable recommended for more stable quality).

•Connect your HDMI cable to your laptop

•Connect your HDMI cable to your TV (via HDMI port, as pictured, this may be on the rear or side of your TV).

•Open you chosen Web Browser.

•Connect to NTV page.

•Sign in to your GoTelly account (using your log in and password).

•Choose your channel and watch.


Connect your laptop to your TV.

Note: If you have a Set Top Box you can watch from your TV/laptop and TV/STB simultaneously (even when watching two different channels) as we allow two different connections under one account. You need to purchase a Mag STB package then you can watch the STB on one device and Web Browser or XBMC on another device.



We deliver all your TV channels  using standard  broadband internet connections. Like all internet connections, we are at the mercy of your local provider. We do try our very best to deliver a 24 hour 7 days a week service, in the highest possible quality, but we cannot be responsible for the open internet or its connections.